On the C string there’s a clear downshift in the song as we go to Bm, but as we’re not on guitar our finger is on the same place on the fret as we go from D to Bm so the C string pluck sounds off. Oh well too late, Cause oh, we’re stuck in quarantine, oh, we’re stuck in quarantine . e -------------------------------------------------------------|, B -------------------------------------------------------------|, G -------------------------------------------------------------|, D -------------------------------------------------------------|, A ---5-5--------5--5------------5-5---------5--5---------------|, E -------7-5-7-------7-5-5-7-5------7-5-7--------7-5-5-7-5-----|, A ---5--5-5--8-8-8--9---5-5-5--8-8-8--9--5-5-5-5--8-8-8--9-----|, E -------------------------7----------------7-7----------------|, (This is the best I did to try and mimick the sound effects that happen before the verse), Judy in disguise..well thats a what you are, Cantalope eyes come to me tonight..Judy in disguise.. with glasses, e --------------------------------------------|, B --------------------------------------------|, G --------------------------------------------|, D --------------------------------------------|, A ---5-5---------5--5------------5-5-------5--|, E -------7-5-7--------7-5-5-7-5------7-5-7----|, Keep a wearing your bracelets...... and your new rara, A cross your heart...yeah...... with your living bra, A chimny sweep sparrow with guise...Judy in disguise.. with glasses, G D A, Come tell me tonight.... come tell me tonight, e -------------------------------------------------------------------|, B -------------------------------------------------------------------|, G --2-2---------2-2------------2-2--------2-2------------2-2------2--|, D ------4-2-4-------4-2-2-4-2------4-2-4------4-2-2-4-2-----4-2-4----|, A -------------------------------------------------------------------|, E -------------------------------------------------------------------|, Judy in disguise..hey thats a what you are, a lemonade pie...hey you got your brand new car, D D (solo) A, |-----|------|------|------||-----|------|------|------|, A D D A D, e -----------------------------------------------|, B -----------------------------------------------|, G -----------------------------------------------|, D -----------------------------------------------|, A ---5-5---------5--5-------------5-5--------5---|, E -------7-5-7--------7-5-5-7-5-------7-5-7------|, G ---------7---7-7-9-9--------9---9-9-11-9-7--|, D -7-7-9-7------------11--9-11----------------|, A --------------------------------------------|, E --------------------------------------------|, B ----------------------------------------7---|, G -7-7-9-11---11-11-11-7-9---9-11-11-7---7-7--|, G D A, G F G A, I've taken everything in sight..except for the strings on my kite, e ------------------------------------------------------|, B ------------------------------------------------------|, G --2-2--------2-2------------2-2--------2-2------------|, D ------4-2-4------4-2-2-4-2------4-2-4-------4-2-2-4-2-|, A ------------------------------------------------------|, E ------------------------------------------------------|, G --2-2--------2-2------------2---7\----7\----7---------|, D ------4-2-4------4-2-2-4-2------7\----7\----7---------|, A -----------------------------------/5----/5-----------|, a circus of horrors... yeah... well thats what you are, You made me a life of ashes.. After 16 years, I finally have the opportunity to be able to play the instrument.

One accurate version. I’m just on your fingertips, but girl please touch your face tonight now, I will soon sing this on my tik too, once I put it all together :)) @stepena.nyc, I kinda stole your opening line, sorry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znhvxRUd6qs, wait wait how about Oh, covid-19 Cheers!

do you know how many freaking comments i had to freaking read to find this?!?!?!! ADJUSTED AS REQUIRED - PLEASE CHECK AND RELOAD AS NECESSARY. Their journey, which began in a small suburban basement playing covers, has taken the band to Warped Tour three times, and landed them opening slots for bands like Jimmy Eat World and AFI. hey there i was wondering if i could use this for a cover?

Oh, we’re stuck in quarantine, oh, we’re stuck in quarantine, Hey there Delilah they bought all the toilet paper The lyrics, chords & tabs sheets represent interpretations of the material and may not be identical to the original Oh, covid-19 Also do you mind if I take some from the song? Try landscape mode instead of portrait. Oh, covid-19 Heaven? i hope this advice helps you play ukelele better, as I am also a beginner ^v^, +5 works a lot better with a female voice. Also, check out BEGINNERS.

Song: 'Judy in Disguise" by John Fred and his Playboy Band This is such a great little song for parties. Why can’t the world just live in peace with love, not war and cease to be If anyone has any tips I’d love to see your solutions! Ypu nedd a few more syllables and that could be a line in riptide.

aw snowflake got mad because a 13 year old girl censored trump. And wash your hands I’m so bored~ Can you please explain how to do the pattern? It’s really, really awesome.

And hopefully there soon will be a day. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal Can’t remember This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. Cause when this madness goes away UkuTabs.com 2012-2020, Part of the UkuWorld network, Some Rights Reserved. Harry - Music & Stuff 6,171 views Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in Isolation Cantalope eyes come to me G tonight, I know you’re scared, but being silent isn’t fair Our friends on FaceTime will pretend

Contact Dr. Uke. ikr all the gosh diddily darn corona comments. Song "Hey There Delilah" ukulele chords and tabs by Plain White T's.

Covid~ -19~ Misc. Hey there Delilah don’t forget your mask today

Here’s my take on a corona-fied version of the song :) (I used a couple people’s lyrics at the start btw), Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in isolation you can just repeat that for the whole song and it sounds pretty decent! Ja! Ohh, why do this to us? We can’t even go outside versions,which are copyright of their respective owners. INCLUDED IN OUR COMPLETE SONGLIST FILE). Covid-19 I use my thumb to pluck the C string by itself (soprano and concert uke tuning) then my index finger plucks the E at the same time as my middle finger plucks the A. try to switch from holding the D chord and the Gbm after doing the pattern 4 times.

I cant do this any more, im in complete desolation. LOL Thank you. And hilarious. I’m very disappointed in society that a 13 year old can read that and understand what it means and actually have to go through that. A place where people have to live in fear its supposed to be medley referring to a combination of Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World. Covid-19 I swear its true, ohhhh corona why you do me like this, oh why you do me like this :,(, a couple days feels pretty long but we cant use trains and cars, I’d walk to you but were not allowed outside, But we’re supposed to stay six feet apartttttttt, @ashleyisonline I think you might just be the ONLY one who doesn’t get that this is supposed to be a SONG. which are copyright of their respective owners. I hope this helped, if not, i’m sure you could find a tutorial on youtube.hard to explain it over typing, but good luck on your ukulele journey! Judy in dis C guise, well, that's what you G are, a lemonade pie with a brand new C car. I am so bored, School will never feel the same anymore, I am sure. I’d walk to you but I have to stay away. For the intire song I just used the intro and it sounded nice. sorry for my rant because i really like the parody but idk. that was the best thing, i covered it and just altered a few words to fit the tune better!! Oh, covid-19 Or this pandemic could come over you and take your breath away, May I use your song to sing it and post it. The world will never ever be the same This is by far the best version I have seen, like damn, I actually just think -2 sounds better and its just better with my voice, thanks bc the transitions were a bit much for my beginner hands.

It also sounds great with a lower female voice.

And I research topics that are going on, then adults have the audacity to tell me I’m wrong because it wasn’t on FOX news! I suppose. The Ukeing Wolves. i mean she’s right. Covid~ -19~.

ALL SONGS HAVE BEEN REVISED AND I transcribed it the way I remember it. This sounds great, my only issue has been with the chorus. Hey there people what’s it like in isolation I’m a thousand hours in and I can’t take it anymore, I’m so bored, Oh, covid-19 School will never be the same anymore~ Best sounding with 2 guitars. What a surprise! Hey there Delilah, just be safe and keep a distance, Friends are available just call them when you miss them, Toilet paper is gone bad news. We can can go out and seize the day. But not anymore.

Oh, covid-19 I think it’s good- UkuWorld and its derivatives do not own any songs, lyrics or arrangements posted and/or printed. I’d credit you of course! Even though it’s ridiculous

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f9SahwVxngruvvDF6qUx5efs7misXH6HQ9Gbzma8Wkk/edit, And it’s now actually on UkuTabs https://ukutabs.com/u/ukutabs-commenters/hey-there-corona/, YES!

If you do, can I collab with u??

should i post?? And then chorus, Thanks lol but the new ones are SOO good :). Idk if thats what your referancing but its what i thought of, this is by far the longest comment thread i have ever seen on this site lmao. On mine, though, this is how it goes: (I took some people’s words, BTW) You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research. I did MY OWN RESEARCH ON MY OWN TIME ABOUT THESE IMPORTANT TOPICS THAT ARE KILLING people and everyone disregards me and says “well… TR*MP 2020” sorry for my rant… felt like I needed to say that too. Oh, covid-19 COVID’s by your side That’s for sure, don’t know how much I can endure Dang it I was actually kinda enjoying the chain before these random people came in and said random stuff. I want to hear it! Delilah I don’t need no proof Oh, we’re stuck in quarantine That’s all I have so far, any ideas? Hey there Delilah, you’re okay, we’ll be okay. And that’s a fact, and we both know that we don’t want that, cause it’s pretty bad It’s Corona in disguise, She was saying Medley. It’s so boring, But oh, we’re stuck in quarantine, oh, we’re stuck in quarantine And we can’t use planes or trains or cars i do the plucking pattern from the intro throughout the whole piece and i think it souds pretty good. Judy in Disguise 22/8.

Can I use this?