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[106] The Press Tribunal of the Hamburg District Court concurred, ordering Focus to pay restitution for damages. [29] Burda further enhanced its international profile, for example, through a cooperation agreement with the US media group, Ziff Davis. [90] Since then, the magazine is now created completely in Berlin.

[16] The subline of the Focus was "the modern news magazine", and Helmut Markwort became the magazine's first Editor-in-chief. Focus Magazine Details Focus Publisher : Helmut Markwort [77] Quoos gave Focus a more political orientation and, in particular, reduced the share of practical tips. [40][41] At the beginning of 1999, Focus for the first time achieved higher readership than Spiegel,[42][43] and in the years to follow, managed to further expand its lead position. [21], After five issues, Focus had some 15,000 subscribers, and with circulation of over 300,000 copies sold, it was a commercial success from the beginning. [67][68], After only one year, Weimer left Focus and his position was left unfilled, which lead to Baur becoming the sole Editor-in-chief. [114] The cover page showed hand prints in black paint on a white, naked woman; it was criticized as a "naked insult" and considered "racist". The first edition arrived on the newsstands on January 18, 1993 and was already sold out on the next day. by Zeitgeist Publishing.

[91] Later in the year, Hubert Burda Media launched a broad-based reader campaign entitled "Menschen im Focus" (people in focus). [62] At the end of 2009, it was announced that Helmut Markwort was stepping down as Editor-in-chief. The magazine was positioned against Der Spiegel and from day one has featured many color images and made heavy use of information graphics. an assessment report from the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Bundeskriminalamt, and the pocket agenda of the killed RAF terrorist, Wolfgang Grams. [93] Both publications differ in their editorial approaches:[95] Spiegel puts an emphasis on complex political, economic and social analysis, whereas Focus, in addition to political reporting, also caters to topics of everyday relevance from the realms of family, health, finances and career. [97] With comparatively shorter texts, more graphics, more impactful visuals and ranking lists, readers are offered information that is easier to absorb. The share of subscriptions in the paid circulation is currently roughly 37%, recently increasing slightly. [93] From the beginning, journalism offering practical tips has been an essential element of Focus.

... 1-16 of over 1,000 results for Magazine Subscriptions: Germany. [26] Unfazed by this, Focus continued its growth strategy,[27][28] later even occasionally eclipsing Spiegel in advertising sales. Home; Top 10; Health. [75] In 2013, Jörg Quoos took over as Editor-in-chief of the magazine,[76] and Baur became publisher. Focus Magazine URL : [115][116] Unlike the German daily newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, which had also caused an uproar with a polarizing depiction, Focus refused to apologize and justified the cover as a symbolic depiction of "what happened in Cologne".

Alongside Spiegel and Stern, Focus is one of the three most widely circulated German weeklies. 4.2 out of 5 stars 39. [23][24][25] In mid-1994, a Dutch court ruled that due to brand disputes, Focus was no longer allowed to be sold in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Online shopping from a great selection at Magazine Subscriptions Store. [110][111] Focus welcomed the end of the legal disputes as a "victory for freedom of the press". [93] Like Spiegel and Stern, Focus has sustained significant declines over the past years, however, dropping from 782,685 to 438,055 sold copies from the 4th quarter of 1998 to the 2nd quarter of 2017.