For your security, please verify your account prior to logging in. I imagine that's whats nice about a lifetime subscription, you can just hop back on whenever you feel like it. The sad thing is they are still a slightly better choice then Cryptic's former owner NCSoft, wonder who will be the next owner SOE? cfurlin - "When are you flakey gamers going to realize that game development is a business.". Heads up, you are now leaving Arc Games!

But I'm leaning towards the former and not the later. • FREE Heroic Resonance, • Tremendous Title

So now the deal is back on until the end of this month, and this time around there are no supply limits. • FREE Full Retcon Token

Our site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience and to strengthen the services of the website. I think this was a really good move by Cryptic to drum up interest. Well, I only have one account and only plan to have one account. "Within a day, the rest of our supply had been sold out, leaving a number of you confused and upset. This game looks like it's worth a try, but I keep reading mentions of a subcription. We have verified that you have appropriate access to this account. • FREE costume Change Token Incidentally, hearing Jeff declare that he bought the Life Time Subscription didn't sway me enough either.

There were a limited amount of subscriptions available the first time around - and some of you guys speculated that Cryptic pulled out because they realized they could be losing money here - but no matter what reason they cut off the deal before, apparently it doesn't matter now. And there is always the risk of mmos just shutting down. Served from: | Version: com.

If you didn't hear, Champions Online is selling lifetime subscriptions with goodies (ingame stuff, Star Trek beta, etc) for $200. Press J to jump to the feed.


I preordered. And LotrOs lifetime deal wasnt offered before launch, anyone who got the game at launch could at anytime change their sub to Lifetime, so you could play the game for months before you made the decision. AGING. Learn more here. Really gotta worry about the precedent being set here, cuss, scream, threaten boycotts, lawsuits, throw thing and generally act like a 2 year old and lo,and behold you get your way. Sadly, complaints will always be loudest.

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The only limitation is, like before, the offer will end on August 31st, 2009 at 11:59PM Pacific time.

A View From the Road: The Stool and the Chair. I remember this enthusiasm for this game was HUGE on some forums (Warhammer being a very well established franchise). The company is not at all confident that it can keep players for 16 months, and so it gambles that they can make money that they wouldn't get anyways. Either that, or you guys were just really loud! its why they pay for limited editions for example. Who buys lifetimes subscriptions to a game that isn't even out yet, is run by two of the most notorious con artists in the industry, may not even survive long enough to make the lifetime subs worth it (see: Hellgate London), and KNOWS they will be spending even more of their money on microtransactions?

... A year's worth of MMORPG payments is about $180, the lump sum worth about 13 months of the same game would be cool since you'd never pay a monthly fee again.