I taste tested it against SJ in a 2oz shot glass and Blackheart had a greater aroma and sweeter taste to it. Notes of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and prunes complete the experience as the rum fades in a sweet spicy finish.". Blackheart is ok, easy on the taste buds considering its 93 proof but has a strong burn, not a pleasureable one. - Sector 001 up voted your review on 2018-04-07. age. With just the right combination of fresh coconut, I have had other $10 rums that were simply awful; this one is nowhere near awful, but does need some refinement. The entry is warm with palate of spice and.cherry .The finish is cherry cola.Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum Mixes very well with Coca cola creating a cocktail of Cherry Cola. - Cyanotic up voted your review on 2019-09-25. Foundation For Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. Just had some of this and I really liked it. Review: Blackheart Spiced Rum (83.5/100) Review by Chip Dykstra (Aka) Arctic Wolf Published on July 08, 2016.

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- Cranecreek up voted your review on 2018-02-15.

- WhiskeyFunatic up voted your review on 2018-11-04. The nose pretty good...sweet and cherry, with a hint of alcohol smell, but its not obvious or off-putting. Combine all ingredients in a tall Collins glass, mason jar or Tiki style glassware. I bought a bottle of Blackheart last fall and was very pleased with the flavor and aroma. Frankly I like those qualities in a spiced rum. Bottled by Blackheart Rum Company
The name may stem from the pirate Captain Blackheart, which as best we can determine comes from a children's story on pirates by Margo Fallis: "My name's Blackheart and I am the Captain of the ship, All images used are assumed to be promotional/marketing photos made available to the press for the purpose of describing and reviewing spirits. This is a spiced rum that has some gonads, while not losing its flavor. Mick newall, 16 July 2017 Great can't believe that you can't get it anymore – the best rum in the world Show 21 more reviews.


So how does it stack up? Since this rum is so cheap where Im at already, I basically paid fifty cents for a 750 of spiced rum. Rum that is flavored with a variety of spices, natural or artificial. Its definitely a mixing rum, but also on the above average side when used as a sipping spirit. Blackheart Spiced Rum® Bottled by Blackheart Rum Company Bardstown, KY 40004 46.5% Alc./Vol. Blackheart is sweeter by far than most spiced rums I’ve tried, it’s almost saccharine.

Distiller.com uses cookies that are essential for us to operate the website and that are helpful for us to improve the services. - jaketaz up voted your review on 2015-06-09. Blackheart is a relatively new spiced rum from the Blackheart Rum Co, a whole owned subsidiary of Heaven Hill Distilleries.The spirit is bottled at 46.5 % alcohol by volume, and produced from imported rum which has been blended with a hint of spice, caramel and natural flavors. No votes have been submitted yet for this review. This rum is infused with spices, caramel flavor, and "other natural flavors."

Bright aromas of spumoni ice cream, almond extract, and cola follow through on a brisk, round entry to a dryish medium body with maraschino & prickly pepper notes on the hot peppery finish. But how much refinement can you expect from a $10 bottle? I can add Blackheart to the list of cannot.