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Here’s a Few Bonus Laughs with @MemeNurseOfficial,,,, 'Challenges and Growth' with Nicole Angemi,,,,,,, Up Close and Personal with Ebi of @NurseLifeRN, Part 2,, Up Close and Personal with Ebi of @NurseLifeRN, Part 1,,, The Popular Kids Part 2: 'The Lunch Table',,, Stay safe. Kaplan - Inner Monkey is a podcast about understanding the everyday struggles we have like irrational impulses, loss of motivation, and everything in-between.

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Why is this the "norm"? Bad Decisions Podcast with Katie Duke. It's that simple. Etsy sellers promote their items through our paid advertising platform.

So, you might assume that I learned a lesson and these impulsive reckless actions ceased...think again. Merch Filter by.

Saying no will not stop you from seeing Etsy ads, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive. This week I explore my experience with burnout, my bad decisions to stay in environments that are not healthy, and my eventual decision to pursue grad school. ALL NEW. Website - This week, we're playing back some of our favorite episodes!

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You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. No other podcast has better merch. Ads are shown to you based on a number of factors like relevancy and the amount sellers pay per click. This week's episode is a truly interesting convo about confined space rescues and also the time I almost burnt down my apartment.

As interesting as it is to reminisce on those couple months, it's important to remember that we're not out of this yet. Today, I am going to talk about one of my experiences. Instagram -, Facebook -, Website - All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Welcome to pod goes punk, where we take a deep dive in to the pandemonium surrounding our fandemonium.

So we can nudge our lives in the direction we want. In the meantime, tell us about your Bad Decisions, and let’s get that shit out in the open. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use.

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There have been some pretty heavy and emotional episodes lately, so I wanted to change it up a little this week and do something light-hearted, but also very valuable, i.e. Instagram -

Instagram - Presenting: The COVID Chronicles. Connect with Katie: Submit your 'Bad Decisions' and a chance to be on the show at, I threatened him enough that I got his number and decided to prank call @memenurseofficial. Podcast. Instagram: Join.

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In order to get to the root of the problem surrounding medication errors and why they happen, we need to feel more comfortable talking about them. Facebook - While Katie is hard at work on some exciting new content, we're replaying some of our best episodes.

Submit your 'Bad Decisions' and a chance to be on the show at

Connect with Katie: 5 out of 5 stars (4,130) 4,130 reviews. In Stock.

Moving forward, we as healthcare providers are making a bad decision if we stay silent about this important issue at hand.

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Submit your 'Bad Decisions' and a chance to be on the show at, In part 2 of Up Close and Personal with Ebi of @NurseLifeRN, Katie and Ebi talk about his bad decisions, what lessons he’s learned from them, and how they have empowered his growth and helped him create one of the most powerful platforms for the nursing and healthcare community on social media.

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Comfort eating helped me through abusive relationships, losing my job, and every other up and down moment in my roller coaster life.

We're taking the week off but wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a fantastic 2020 full of GOOD Decisions! Visit to submit your story for a chance to be featured on the show. Who knows. So many people have experienced both verbal and physical abuse during their shift across all positions in healthcare.

Our Sponsors Instagram - Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming. Facebook -

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This week, we open up the discussion about cancel culture.

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Our Sponsors 25. Taking off where we left last week's episode, I recount the next phase of my experience with Covid. In this episode, I also outline some steps to take if you are on the receiving end of a job loss. It’s turned into such a “trending topic” that we have forgotten that acknowledging negative emotions and working through them is part of being a healthy human. We also touch on some interesting perspectives about growing up in the 90’s, channeling your initiative, putting the work in, and the importance of transparency and representation on social media. Great!

An outspoken New Yorker and Nurse Practitioner, Katie pushes boundaries to explore the life decisions that don’t always turn out like you expect.

Our Sponsors,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/Hy-mnl0mQdrNLbAfOCKCCxhdknss4jQRtXgtqQLZP18, Relationship Compromise ft. Danielle from The WoMed Podcast,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/qIiT9ig5uhpxZX8eT7jZXs_TnBXEGAYdrOaCwFOdrlg, Giving Up vs. Navigating Through The No's,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/CrOhg8WhwHOmkJMOr1-5Pc835dyQ89lJIFy4rRdgZxE,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/Xc4tZZIVWEUmmpXeiyVJQu7GQn-lEyawLl7TNlreTEY,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/8O4dKjAt4l3onhLtNRBZEJK0EFY7Zwh4nq5yOqXU8jA, Greatest Hits - The COVID Chronicles: Part 3,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/fhl4Vuy2CKehN3LD1_G1MdGpZMADNC4x3H1uJn-yaB0, Greatest Hits - The COVID Chronicles: Part 2,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/cpErK1RGEBI4kMLAng-q-uKgArhZ0ofnRfHVpIeWVek, Greatest Hits - The COVID Chronicles: Part 1,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/feVPWIUbjDJj9fMOy7pCeNYik8qYVtPTf1fpVeA4_AA,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/8c7-CI7Xf5-tE86rLEgQH0vFYaNEzsi9god1ZEaTzHU, Confined Space Evacuation with FDNY Firefighter Justin from FDNY Squad 18,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/Go4h8QV623AOHyVbEperIJJybgJz9O1DuVHCZhe3mSY,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/5ZlW6GYLQK3CfvYTpaX8LyBuNma9AMDeTz5R-q9ldX8,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/nGdxvhJTPDStttKUUN506wWvRHc-A4fMf7P9NeVCrl0,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/ckdMvyejtCDVgTb-daNRJ8iqUx8fdmj_TIHX5ekCJlU,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/MCzqLJXN_ZS0ppY3xOnpOEGswixn838AVp9iZsOmXEM,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/515q-j6eZqaowl7oQaS_lhLH4LVmHs0aLJ3dNWX47o8,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/-jaK64_XTQwKu5XOp_HQ8ASsJrIPvzhOW5CUy045HyM,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/KorMHkOj8UNmq37PnCmUUsVftXC6XMs3VBlRSSqB6U0,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/mZ-V7esyJEbmhS349CSwhIDjregdbl8QtIhl2nZTUes,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/GyEXjibHN5voGiHI72x56Dz6pnm6IkyPHMLrxfuLrr4, Discussing Racism and Representation with Dr. Jason Campbell,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/5ERZU_nFyEMiNiQ-QMcYzRRWF3niQg4IrE3mqHaC0Qw, Listener Submission: 'Leaving an Abusive Marriage' with Sarah,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/VxvVm1psTp24Oy8zfQS-w7rGdoh0U6Zqguty3c9uDT0,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/mn2sw_znFy8ji-gKAXb45pjkbwlN5r6UuqZRqXJTm4w, Listener Submission: 'Ignoring Red Flags' with Tiffany (@NewNurseAcademy),, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/2SgiKqXDT20kA9NCRN0cdVNTstuSyLLu89Np--AQcKo,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/ZnhHGXF2Ra8KhnmY_fDF1u2sDjeXnaJmGD0Daxh8n_Y, Listener Submission: 'Online Dating Scams' with Lindsey,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/62rquOQGJa52UKcZ84cODPp4wc2MZvkPlRMWLql9XLk,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/Dyq1Aw2g0fknuYXOE_1FaqzqDmcNOn1nae5quwPunCc,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/jrxN_GBMv5Z0ARBVQT9J_eT_mcKjbZAee0T5vME1ncQ,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/kHyXdUU3fWthJWHYOOww8vTgXoKouMO5ZEBGrFtgsyI, Favorite Episode: 'Challenges and Growth' with Nicole Angemi,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/IABoFizR4H81vnmvQhLirfdL0yBDN1JiZoleMkh1gwk,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/b-qBTuyKzLo7Y_MPtwD-9Hv6NJaeqGILRKeW5RejbDM, Listener Submission: 'Toxic Work Environments & Burnout' with @WholeLifeNurse,, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/ROQ_IonmrwyyWcaR0U-ZHHzb-wSZFdzEwyV_gTY8N9o, Something Light (because we all need it right now),, gid://art19-episode-locator/V0/IB-khmGZU7KHK9h-vTBTjoLHjQWkH0OzNEWTUX-yDdM,,, Listener Submission: 'Reporting Bullies' with @NikTheNurse,,, 'Much More Than Google Search Results' with Danielle Maltby,,, Surprise!
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Submit your 'Bad Decisions' and a chance to be on the show at, The first listener-submitted episode is here! Website - Kaplan -