The price of the base model is $49,000 which could increase to $69,000, but as we … Cargo space isn’t the 370Z’s forte, but you should be able to throw in a weekend’s worth of bags for two if you pack light. Sorry, numbers are boring, unless we’re talking zero to 60 times that is, in which case the good old Z does much better than the slightly newer (eight years with just a refresh) 86 thanks to a scant 4.7-second sprint compared to a rather laggard 6.2-second jog, while the as-tested Nismo makes another 18 horsepower for a total of 350 and 6 additional lb-ft of torque for a max of 276, resulting in a 4.6-second blast to 60 mph. The driver’s seat is eight-way adjustable and the passenger’s just four, and true to its performance mission these aren’t power-adjustable, but instead require hand-wrenching via a set of dials in the usual positions. Pure driving focus, but in a package that is more or less unadulterated for the year 2020. It’s not perfect, however, and a sign of the times is that 7-speed automatic transmission. Suede-like Alcantara trims off the door inserts and armrests too, not to mention the sides of the lower centre stack, the latter protecting inside knees from chafing, while the dash top and door uppers were nicely wrapped in a thickly padded stitched leatherette for a premium feel. Największy serwis z ogłoszeniami motoryzacyjnymi w Polsce The 370Z is nevertheless very agile, but respect its overall mass when getting hard on the brakes in a corner, or in other words, brake in a straight line and let off before turning. The 2020 370Z NISMO features the Nissan sport brakes with 14.0” vented discs and 4-piston aluminum calipers in the front and 13.8" vented discs and 2-piston aluminum calipers in the rear. The Z Proto, which dropped on September 16, isn’t production ready, but its level of interior detail, its prototype-referencing name (prototypes normally refer to near production cars, rather than concepts that may only be built to gauge public reaction to a proposed design language or garner some press for a brand while having a little fun), and Nissan’s history of building production vehicles that closely resemble their prototypes/concepts, make it appear more like the real deal than merely a dream car. Though, another gripe that we have with the 370 is its lack of a backup camera and parking sensors. In the entire consumer industry, Nissan’s own Frontier pickup truck is the only vehicle that’s has lasted longer, having arrived in 2004. The current Nissan 370Z is a one-size-fits-all sports car that can be had for only $30,000. The fact of the matter is a car that’s now in its 11th year without any significant upgrade. Just subscribe with your email address and we’ll send you alerts on the most incredible deals as they happen. Half of their car lineup has been recently redesigned too, and while pre-pandemic sales weren’t quite what they may have hoped for, the seeming light at the end of the tunnel isn’t necessarily a train hauling another load of Toyotas. VVEL is present in the Z, and it can be felt. For some of us 20-somethings at the office, getting the chance to drive a car like this is our childhood fulfilled, and just looking at it in the metal is a trip down memory lane. There’s no way this can be predicted, so we’re left with the gamble of choosing an ultra-old-school sports car that’s soon to be replaced. That’s what I’ll try to determine in this review. Is the Xpander Cross P80,000 better than the normal Xpander? Back to those lightweight Recaro sport seats, along with superb support all over, their backrests get a set shoulder harness holes that look fabulous. The Z has been in the news a lot lately, but not because of the car I’m reviewing here. Does the addition of new features and a body kit still make the Wigo a good buy? Those lightweight Nismo sport seats are fabulous, including big swaths of red suede-like perforated Alcantara for their center panels and cool looking shoulder harness holes on their backrests that are more about style than substance, but I love them anyway. Though, we have to say that the tires can stand to be better, even if they are already so wide. Get me a quote from up to three (3) Nissan dealerships, Playing video games enhances your real-life driving skills, 2019 Ford Mustang Interior & Cargo Space Review, 2017 Toyota 86 Interior & Cargo Space Review, 6.8-inch Capacitive Touchscreen Display Audio (Dealer Option), with Bose 8-Speaker Audio System (Including Subwoofer), Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth (Handsfree Call and Audio Streaming, USB, Tuner. Before it sounds like I’m bashing Nissan, take note I’m aware of their mostly young, healthy fleet of crossover SUVs, and have often praised their full-size 4x4-capable Armada SUV. privacy policy. For all points and purposes the 2020 370Z Nismo is a great value proposition, that is until factoring in its age. Is it still a worthwhile buy? There’s more brushed and bright metal throughout the cabin, but the theme is more of a red on black affair, the Nismo getting crimson red thread highlighting most of its key visual points, not to mention a red centring stripe at the top of the leather and psuede steering wheel rim, red gauge accents and those fiery red ultra-suede seat inserts mentioned earlier. It’s a reminder of how cars used to be, and what we have here is the ultimate version of the fabled Z car that never officially made it to Philippine shores until the year 2020. Explore 370Z Performance. Perhaps. Now, if you’re into racing games, usually one of the first cars you could get your hands on was the 370Z. At least for the millennial generation of car enthusiasts, or if you were born from the 1990s to early 2000s if the car struck a chord with you then, it'll likely do so until now. Let’s just be glad it has one, including navigation, Bluetooth, some car settings, and of course a backup camera, and leave it at that, because it’s not going to win any awards for graphics, resolution quality or processing speed. Which one is the best buy for your hard-earned Peso? Other than that, nothing much really, it’s more about the drive with this car. There is nothing wrong with that, and getting an official Nissan model instead of a grey-market import is its own level of good, but for P3,888,000, it’s a big ask. Of course, if it were that easy for Americans to buy Zs in Canada everybody’d be doing it. Clutch take-up is firm yet ideally progressive, exactly the way I like my sports cars to feel, and the sound emanating from the tailpipes is wonderful, although I’d prefer more of it. Alright, so here is the big clincher, the price. After all, it’ll ride on the current Infiniti Q60 Coupe’s pricier platform made from lighter, stiffer and more exotic metals, take up more on-road real estate, and share at least one of the luxury brand’s more sophisticated twin-turbo 3.0-litre VR30DDTT engines, but hopefully both if Nissan wants it to sell the car in serious numbers. It makes any driver feel and sound like a pro, and provides a nice, clean engine-transmission match-up in order to minimize drivetrain jolt. Elite, Premium, or Speed? Related: Nissan 400Z Vs Toyota Supra: Here's Which Sports Car Is Right For You. Though the Z doesn’t skimp out on the safety essentials, like driver and front passenger airbags, side airbags, and curtain airbags. Design by: Orange Keel Brand Strategy & Design. You do get a Blaupunkt touchscreen infotainment system with a Bose sound system, but the con is that it’s an aftermarket solution, meaning that there are a few inconsistencies when it comes to the installation, like the infotainment controls on the steering wheel – but we’ll be nice and say that this is just test-unit specific. Getting a new 370Z for less than $30k would be quite the bargain, or for that matter lopping a couple of grand off the price of this Nismo model, or one of the 2020 370Z 50th Anniversary editions if any are still available. Contact a dealer for a quote or inquiry, and receive a quick reply. At least, you get keyless entry and push start. That last point might be all that matters, because each day with the Z should be a lot of fun, which can’t be said about many other cars in its price range. With a massive 72-liter tank, the Z can go the distance even with a rather large V6 engine powering the rear wheels. It’s essentially nostalgia in a bottle for those that want it. Does adding more make for a much better car? They don’t make them like they used to, and they might not ever again. If you’re seriously thinking about the NISMO Z, then you might be a die-hard 370Z fan plus a NISMO fan to boot. Yes, despite its age the Z is actually quite refined when it comes to cabin noise. There is a certain charm that the 370Z has, be it as a nostalgia trip or whatever. Limbo or not, the Z is still what it is. For practicality, however, we appreciate the liftback design, but the test unit didn’t come with a mat for the cargo area, which is a bit bizarre – or maybe weight savings? Phone numbers won't be sent to dealers unless verified. The single 3.7-litre V6 puts out a substantive 332 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque, impressive considering that at just $30,090 it’s only a few thousand more than a 205-hp Toyota 86. For more information on how we handle personal information, please read our The saying, “they don’t make ‘em like they used to,” rings quite true with the 370. Nissan is offering up to $1,000 in additional incentives on 2020 370Zs, by the way, this useful info found at CarCostCanada that also provides info about available manufacturer rebates that dealers won’t necessarily tell you about, plus leasing and financing deals, and best of all dealer invoice pricing, or more specifically, the actual price your dealer pays for the car. Fortunately braking is equally impressive, thanks to four-piston opposed aluminum front calipers clamping down on 14- by 1.3-inch vented discs, and two-piston calipers biting into 13.8- by 0.8-inch rotors in back, plus high-rigidity brake hoses and R35 Special II brake fluid. In the entire consumer industry, Nissan’s own Frontier pickup truck The automatic transmission is not as sharp as newer gearboxes that you see in cars of the same class, but that just indicates how far we’ve already come in terms of transmission tech. It’s a remarkable place to be in if you’re part of that sect in the car community that loves an interior that is focused on sporting performance with quality parts. Its seasoned 3.7-litre V6 gets an extra 18 horsepower over lesser trims’ 332 for a total of 350, plus 6 more lb-ft of torque for a maximum of 276, and can only be had with a six-speed manual gearbox, a seven-speed automatic with paddles available in lesser trims. Now on the highway, the Z excels. Expect a respectable figure of 18 km/L. Following that theme is red-stitched leatherette flowing around the gearshift lever, and no I’m not just talking about the boot. The former is actually quite nice for any lover of classic sports cars, thanks to a lovely set of analogue dials that include a centre-mounted tach and a right-side speedo, plus a tiny little red liquid-crystal display for the odometer (yah, an LCD, just like anyone old enough will remember from their high school calculator or better yet, early ‘70s digital watch, while the circular binnacle on the left is filled with two bizarre rows of tiny red diodes that light up to show the fuel tank level and engine temperature.