There were many men there, with piles of books at their sides. Now, if she grows up and marries, or even remains an old maid, the case is altered; she takes to keeping poultry, she becomes passionately fond of gardening, and she acquires a fund of information on the habits and customs of the domestic servant. A scornful or incredulous response to a story or statement that one does not believe or finds ridiculous. E.g. She was engaged upon the subject of the land laws in various countries, on common land, and property in land; and she was at that time devoting her special attention to the constitution of the Russian mir and the tenure of land under it. His face was incandescent in its abstract earnestness. The young cat trotted lordly down the path, waving his tail. Have you anything against it? I believe that she wore divided skirts, but as she did not stand up and walk, I cannot be certain. `Say you love me, say "my love" to me,' she pleaded. He stood smiling in frustration and amusement and irritation and admiration and love. I am familiar with that overwhelming feeling. `If you were quite true, it wouldn't be necessary to be so far-fetched. `I won't let you speak. There goes in another Merewig.' I haven't heard "tell it to the horse marines! To keep off the ague. cried Ursula in indignation. He looked at her, to see if he felt that she was good-looking. `It is enough that I trust myself. But essentially, there is just the same need as there ever was. Moreover, the tide was ebbing, and before very long we grounded. I was not to be done in this way. The Mino glanced at Ursula, then looked from her disdainfully to his master. Kaiser Bill, if you don't think they will cross the Rhine And that last is what makes her an atheist, whether she is willing to admit it or not. I stepped behind one, and turned my head towards the screen, but Alec made no sign. My watch got smothered in the mud, and has stopped.”, “Mine,” I explained, “is plastered into my waistcoat pocket, and I cannot get at it without messing my fingers, and there is no more claret left for a wash; the whisky is all inside us.”, “Well,” said the major, “it does not matter; there is plenty of time before us for the rest of my story. Then she half rose from her chair, saying, in a final, repellent voice: `Then let me go home -- what am I doing here? “He was doubtless a Mohammedan.”, “But the name is rather Turkish or Arabic.”, “I am not responsible for that; I was not his godfathers and godmothers at his baptism. ", though I have heard "tell it to the marines!". I know them in a moment. He knitted his brows in sudden exasperation. `They are on intimate terms,' said Birkin. Even if our calls were heard, no one could come out to us. She disliked him for this sudden relapse into weariness and faithlessness. she asked, feeling numb to the lips. 'Well,' said I, 'and have you succeeded?' Proverbs wise sayings, often warnings, which have been passed from generation to generation. And it is there I would want to meet you -- not in the emotional, loving plane -- but there beyond, where there is no speech and no terms of agreement. He had not been received as he had anticipated by the Psychical Research Society, and thought of getting back to India at the first opportunity. `I'm sorry I can't oblige you by being invisible,' she laughed. she asked herself at once. It is, in fact, one of the smallest in England, but it yields to none in the points of interest that it contains, apart from the venerable abbey church that has been so fearfully mauled and maltreated by ignorant so-called restoration. Then, sure enough, there came a note from him, asking if she would come to tea with Gudrun, to his rooms in town. THE DAYS went by, and she received no sign. The young cat again glanced at Birkin in disdain of the noisy woman. Instantly we writhed and strained, and finally, after a convulsive effort, both were landed in the bottom of the boat. I tell you, you want love to administer to your egoism, to subserve you. Happily the sun is hot, and will cake the mud about us, and then we can pick off some of it.”, The prospect was not inviting. If you think now the Yankee drive is through And yet, one would have supposed that these mysterious mounds would have been subjected to a careful scientific exploration to determine by the discovery of flint tools, potsherds, or coins to what epoch they belong, and that some clue should be discovered as to their purport. By the middle of the 19th century, “Horse Marines” had become an absurd contradiction & it is the basis for the expression “Tell it to the Horse Marines,” now usually shortened to “Tell it to the Marines,” i.e, tell your story to someone as unlikely as the story itself. “When we were seated,” proceeded Donelly, “I felt the cold of the stone steps strike up into my system, and as I have had a touch or two of lumbago since I came home, I stood up again, took a copy of the Standard out of my pocket, folded it, and placed it between myself and the step. she asked. I disagree that the phrase "tell it to the [horse] marines" is pejorative. It isn't. She was engrossed in her work, and was picking up facts at a prodigious rate. But while I now attribute it all to brain activity, I do agree that language isn’t suited for describing the situation. Her heart was too much contracted. I explained that none was purposed; that the man and I proposed a discussion on psychological topics. I did not, however, attempt to draw any information from those between whom I was seated, till after luncheon, a most sumptuous repast, with champagne, liberally given to the Society by a gentleman of property, to whose house we drove up just about one o'clock. Merewigs do not like to converse about themselves in their former stage of existence, of which they are ashamed, nor of the efforts they are making in this transitional stage to acquire a fund of knowledge for the purpose of ultimately discarding their acquired bodies, and developing their ethereal wings as they pass into the higher and nobler condition. One of these marks was somewhat effaced, as though the lady whose gown was scored had made a faint effort to brush it off, but had tired of the attempt and had abandoned it. The more we have stored, the larger are our wings; the more varied the nature, the more radiant and coloured is their painting. Their advice will never be out of date (adages). That was an interminable time to spend on a mudflat in the Blackwater. when I say 'three,' throw in your left leg if you can get it out of the mud.”, And he said further, “we must do so both at the same moment. It is wondered why so many Englishmen look out for American wives. There are male Merewigs, but they are few and far between, for the reasons I have given to you. Instantly both of us drew our left legs out of the mud, and projected them over the sides into the boat. ', `Don't cant to me,' he replied. He agreed. I replied—I dare say I blushed—but the claret in my face made it red, anyhow. That line of Hindenburg's would never break, you made a vow He, going statelily on his slim legs, walked after her, then suddenly, for pure excess, he gave her a light cuff with his paw on the side of her face. They are so disgusted at having to get into any unsouled body that they can lay hold of in the garde-robe, such a body being usually plain in features, middle-aged, and with no waist to speak of, or rather too ample in the waist to be elegant, that they have abandoned all concern about dress and tidiness. Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles (CSS). I love you then -- I love you. The concept of god is not deserving of special consideration. Somewhat disconcerted, I now addressed myself to the chalk-marked lady on my left hand, and asked: 'Have you anything at all in your head except archæology?' Of course, that made everyone except his captors understand that his whole speech was hogwash. I grappled him to my heart.