“I had an amazing time Vibrating Higher with Michelle! I am amazed at what she was able to do in just two hours. The workout left a puddle of sweat on my mat, and the workshop left me inspired. The guided meditation was so powerful that I’ve brought it to others in my life to inspire them to think of their future goals. I can’t say enough good things about it, and I can hardly wait for the next one.”

Tarka Strachan, Washington, DC

“Vibrate Higher was such an incredible personal growth experience. Michelle’s approach to intentional movement is positive and healing - much different than any fitness or wellness class I’ve attended. The guided vision and goals session helped me clarify my priorities in a personal way. I left VH feeling uplifted, motivated, and connected to a fantastic new group of humans.”

Michaela Claussen, Phoenix, AZ

"I felt like The Release class was a deep tissue mind massage."

Tyee Teh, Washington, DC

"My time with Michelle was LIFE CHANGING.

I had never tried Reiki before, so naturally I was a little dubious about what the experience would do for me, especially because it was a virtual session over Zoom. I felt totally at ease from the moment we began. We started by talking about how I was doing, and to be honest I wasn’t doing great. Three months ago, I quit my job and moved to another state to start my own business. I was stressed out, insecure about my decisions, and worried about the future. Michelle’s empathetic listening and spiritual guidance was so validating and helped me discern the underlying issues that hide in the chaos of a stressed out brain. It’s been two weeks since our first session, and as I’m writing this I still feel profoundly peaceful and empowered by our time together. If you’re a newbie to this sort of healing, trust a fellow skeptic and give Michelle a chance to change your life."

Rachel Cornell, Roxbury, NJ

"I had an awesome time releasing that night and connecting with some deep rooted trauma. I really appreciated the overall experience and wish it actually could have gone longer. Having the workout before the journal time was great because it helped to loosen me up and shake up that internal stagnant energy from the work day. Thank you for holding me accountable in the moment, when I was speaking about my trauma from the past and how it relates to how I speak now. Overall, it really helped me to awaken and be more conscious of what I say and how that continuously impacts how I feel. I loved the connection and ideas I walked away with of how to bring my voice up and out."

Sa'Von Sanders, Phoenix, AZ

"This workshop was the reminder I needed to continue to manifest my dreams. I felt, and am still feeling, seen, at peace, beautiful and strong. A year and a half ago, I was begging for a peace of mind and clarity, so sitting in moments of peace and contentment mean everything to me. I have found myself still writing since the workshop, and more opportunities and ideas have come into fruition. I am excited to work towards pursuing these opportunities and living in my purpose.  Michelle helped to guide me through the process of thinking about my vision and the goals that would accompany it. This workshop reignited fire in me and I feel so ready for this journey of goal crushing, purpose living , healing and serving others.

Whitley Miller, Washington, DC

"When I heard Michelle on the Self-Helpless Podcast speaking about Reiki and her trauma-healing work, I knew I had to work with her! I reached out and she was so welcoming and understanding. I knew nothing about Reiki, but she guided me through the virtual session with warmth and a sense of security. Michelle's intuition addressed blockages that were spot-on for what I was dealing with! She gave realistic suggestions for how to move forward and continue to release that negative energy! Michelle is such a wonderful human that truly wants to see others thriving and free from pain and negative thought patterns. Thank you Michelle, for being an encouraging new friend to all you meet and for sharing your gifts with those who need it!"

Amanda Knode, Texas


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