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When we show up as the best versions of ourselves, we are able to more powerfully impact the world.

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Transformational healing involves letting go of those things that aren't serving you.

What is your intention for change?


Who are you when what you do is stripped away? What is your life's purpose?


What can you let go of, both physically and emotionally?


Are you feeling disconnected from your body?


Are just feeling stuck energetically or emotionally?


What do you want from life? What goals are you working towards?

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Get grounded in who you are and who you are meant through sacred plant medicine.

Feeling like you're stuck in your personal development journey? Looking for something radical to take things to the next level? The sacred use of plant medicine can offer healing to anxiety, depression and bad habits that hold you back from living your best life - one of joy, peace and purpose. Join a retreat to explore locations that use the land for transformational healing as we merge ancient and modern in sacred plant medicine circles.



Move, sweat and make noise through awakening movement to inspire release within each chakra.

Sweat and release in this uniquely curated class of awakening movement to inspire release. Come ready for a practice of yoga and kinesthetics (burpees, jumping jacks, and squats) to music with heavy beats. Each intentionally chosen song brings a different movement, inspired by each of the seven chakras, to cultivate energetic release for your mind, body and spirit. Repeated movements allow you to bring physical release, and close your eyes and focus within to bring emotional release. Find your place of discomfort - feel it, observe it, and send energy to heal it. Let go and create space for what’s next.



Reach your goals by blending body and mind through the practice of yoga.

Whether you need yoga philosophy, vinyasa flow, breathwork or meditation, I can support your body and mind in individualizing the practice to your goals in either group or 1 : 1 instruction. As a registered Yoga Alliance instructor, I am trained in vinyasa flow, Yoga Sculpt (weight-training with yoga), trauma-informed practices, yoga for kids, meditation and breathwork.



Relieve stress and heal through the powers of Reiki, Breathwork and Meditation.

Join for a journey of self-discovery and stress relief. Breathwork, an active meditation technique, Reiki, facilitated energy movement, and guided meditation are used to cultivate improved mental and physical well-being. By intentionally changing breathing patterns, emotional release is facilitated, promoting deep relaxation and increased energy after. Release what is no longer serving you and create space for the life that you want. Be prepared to laugh, cry and open in a profound way as you settle your body in order to explore your mind. Sessions can be in person or virtual.




Find purpose, peace and joy. Design the life that you want with vision and goal setting, and 1:1 coaching.

You are invited to meditate, reflect, journal and share. You will visualize your big picture vision of life, feel into your fullest expression of self, and create short-term goals that align to the life that you want. Through 1:1 coaching, I will support you in unleashing your own inner power, growing your intuition, trust in self, and confidence to manifest the life that you want. We will check in on your goals, talk through barriers to achieving them, and review supports you might need. Together, we will work to bring more fulfillment and peace to your life, while holding you accountable for your progress. Spiritual practices will be blended with traditional mindfulness practices to support your individualized needs.

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