The hard angles you see from the front end are at first a little scary and … Lamborghini - The fastest cars in the world. Der Lamborghini Egoista mit seinem 600 PS starken V10-Motor ist ein Einsitzer ohne Beifahrer. As you can see from the overhead image, the F1-style nose is even more exaggerated than it originally looked, as this concept takes on a UFO meets the Batplane look. The fastest cars in the world . Price and specifications of Lamborghini Egoista Concept - top speed 350 kph, power 600 hp., 0-100 kph, 0-62 mph 2.4 seconds Up front, the Egoista features a carbon-fiber trunk lid, a pair of LED headlights that seem to glare at you with evil intentions, and well-formed air intakes that are both functional and elegant. Für seinen Schöpfer De Silva schon deswegen ein Egoist. Top speed Handling Nitro Total speed Stock: 1.22 s 418.1 km/h 259.7 mph 1.338 Gs 45.9 km/h 28.5 mph 464 km/h 288.2 mph +52: 1.12 s 430.7 km/h 267.5 mph 1.350 Gs 47.3 km/h 29.4 … The Lamborghini Egoista's performance is heavily based on that of the Savage Rivale GTR, with a huge emphasis on acceleration and nitro.The Lamborghini Egoista is one of the fastest-accelerating cars in the game, rivaling the Ferrari 330 P4 and Savage Rivale GTR, due to its high nitro stat and weighing 2094 lb (950 kg). Lamborghini kilometers per hour (kph), miles per hour (mph). The exterior of this concept became even wilder once Lamborghini released the official images.