Jungkook revealed he participated in directing BTS upcoming MV and trended at #1 worldwide, US and Canada after his live streaming, Chinese Embassy officials deny ban on BTS merchandise, Yoo In Na says 'The Spy Who Loved Me' co-star Shinhwa's Eric is the most handsome man she's ever seen, JYP Entertainment reveals the story from GOT7 Youngjae's perspective after looking into the idol's school bullying allegations, ENHYPEN release an intense first debut trailer titled 'Choose-Chosen', Park Ji Hoon gets creative with color in the new prologue art film for his upcoming album 'Message', MONSTA X's Joohoney gets pumped up in 'Psyche' MV, Shinhwa's Eric talks about filming pole dance scene for 'The Spy Who Loved Me', JK Kim Dong Wook closes Twitter account after controversial political comments. Using technology and ecosystem to create a one-stop immersive idol culture experience. Youth With You (Chinese: 青春有你), also known by its Chinese title Qīng Chūn Yǒu Nǐ or simply QCYN, is a 2019 Chinese male group survival show that premiered on January 21 2019 on iQiyi.Originally titled as Idol Producer 2, it is the second edition of the 2018 male competition show Idol Producer, and the first edition of the 2020 female survival show Youth With You (season 2). [4] Zhang returned as the production director (PD) and presenter from Idol Producer. [7] The second-ranking announcement will be held during the training of this task. "TIME" team, who are all below rank 20, have an honest discussion about feeling the hardships of the program. This includes features such as the AI Radar "Qiguan", the multi-perspective watching mode, celebrity chatrooms, Suike AI immersion, as well as AR and VR technologies.

The first place member in each group receives 50,000 votes. "Youth With You Season 2" hit trending lists on Twitter 393 times.

The trainees are polled for the "most handsome" and "who I would like to introduce to my little sister". Many netizens say that they will bring their family and friends to come here as well. "Youth With You Season 2" hit trending lists on Twitter 393 times. pic.twitter.com/RlPPu9Tf3I, Manager of “Youth With You 2020” Trainee, Liu Yuxin, Suspended for Making Negative Comments Seemingly about Snow Kong, 《青春有你2》最终排名公布第3名——#许佳琪 ,恭喜成团出道! #iQIYI #青春有你 #YouthWithYou #YouthWithYou_Finale #0530YouthWithYou #YouthWithYou_DebutNight #XuJiaqi_Top3#YouthWithYou Final Ranking announced: Top 3 —— #KikiXu, congratulations for debut as part of the new group!

According to the popularity ranking, the most popular contestant in international markets is XIN Liu.

[7] The trainees are divided into two groups in this activity, one is responsible for accompanying the elderly, and the other is responsible for preparing talent shows for the birthday party.[7]. “Youth With You 2020” Trainees Jenny Zeng, Aria Jin, Liu Lingzi, and Flora Dai Form Supermodel Group, “172 Girls”, Lisa's message to the show and THE9: #youthwithyoufinale #YouthWithYou_DebutNight #THE9 #LISAyouthwithyou #LisaBLACKPINK #YouthWithYou2 pic.twitter.com/uVnFlk7XkT. All 22 trainees perform an emotional special stage. It was a fierce battle for the first place as Esther Yu topped the rankings for more than half the competition until Liu Yuxin came out in first place in the last few weeks. pic.twitter.com/tSVqkxgnmK, Esther Yu Responds to Criticism about Her Slacking Off in THE9’s Debut Performance, 《青春有你2》最终排名公布第9名—— #陆柯燃,恭喜成团出道! #iQIYI #青春有你 #YouthWithYou_Finale #0530YouthWithYou #YouthWithYou_DebutNight #LuKeran_Top9#YouthWithYou Final Ranking announced: Top 9 —— #KLu, congratulations for debut as part of the new group! In the end, Liu Yuxin debuted in first place and the center position with over 17 million votes.