That's the American dream in a diamond studded, champagne-dipped nutshell. It was clever." YOU HAVE CREATED A MONSTER, AN ABSOLUTE MONSTER! Something Awful is in the process of changing hands to a new owner. No Limit Album Covers Friday, ... Back in the 1990s, hip hop album covers generally all looked the same. ", "I just kinda put everything into one thing, and then I blinged up my name on that. ", "Silkk more of a fast, tongue-twister rapper so we needed that shock of him comin' out the TV like he's comin' out the TV to shock the world. With today's release of Tom Petty's Wildflowers & All the Rest (Deluxe Edition), we're revisiting Petty's 20 best songs. The goons like their fiction like they like their orange juice: all pulp. No Limit album art offered a similar access, but twisted the interaction with a layer of farce. Pen & Pixel Graphics, Inc is a Houston, Texas-based graphics design firm that specialized in musical album covers, especially for gangsta rap artists in the Southern United States.For a long time, it was the house design firm for No Limit Records, Cash Money Records and Suave House Records.The company was started in 1992 by brothers Aaron and Shawn Brauch. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons show the world what other famous (and not so famous) albums would look like given that ridiculous treatment. Label founder Master P was the Ray Kroc of hip-hop, a corner-cutting mogul who could whip up a gold-selling album, McGuiver-style, out of a torn shoelace and a shotgun shell if ever it came to that, and sometimes it practically did. If you want in on the action, join us on the Something Awful Forums! Amnesia Rebirth: Because These Babby Can't Frigth Back, leaving up halloween decorations year round, AEW Dynamite 10/21 - A Wrestling Show for the Modren Era, Edgar Allan Poe is Hired to Sell Sleep Number Beds. But isn't that what No Limit and most '90s rap, really, was all about? Most often they featured chains, dogs, shiny letters, gold, diamonds, cash, and half naked ladies. ", "Classic movie. Actually My Garden is Supposed to Look Like Shit. This entire theme... it's all Millie's fault. Instead, No Limit rappers endowed wealth with a meaning at once ethereal, yet fatalistic and Machiavellian. & Rakim’s Paid in Full. It was clever. Inherent in all this was a change of medium. But then you pick you up the record and realize, Charge It 2 Da Game is an imperative command. ©2020 The Fader, Inc. All rights reserved. That quantity-over-quality approach may seem counterintuitive in strictly musical terms. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Seductively approachable, Gamblers' sunny sound masks the tragedy and despair that populate the band's debut album. 50 Absolute Insane Hell Garbage Hell Flags of Our Fathers, Every Conceivable Way EA Could Screw Up Star Wars: Squadrons. No less than five of them had lost a sibling to gunfire, and two, Big Ed and Souljah Slim, would later themselves be murdered. Hitmayne does all the album covers for No Limit Forever and an enormous amount of promotion and marketing for the tank. Get More! Play your entire PS1 library from a single SD card. I'm pretty sure every one of these terrible album covers was designed by the same terrible company, but people seemed to like it. But that would have been too worldly for a city where the dead sleep above ground, and late '60s soul singer Ernie K-Doe continues to mount inspiration mayoral bids, despite the drawback of having died many years ago. I guess, when you get down to it, who wouldn't want to spend all day holding a wad of cash up to a lady's ass while surrounded by gold bars and big dogs. Had it not been for […] Posted by nolimitalbumreviews July 21, 2019 July 21, 2019 Posted in album covers Tags: hitmayne, master p album … Posted June 9, 2014. I put all the covers from all the other album covers in that, that's what he was smoking on the first cover. In the meantime we're pausing all updates and halting production on our propaganda comic partnership with Northrop Grumman. If not completely satisfied by this Lord Lilf image, mail back the unused portion for complete refund of purchase. It would have been facile for Master P to paste his rappers in front of an Andy Warhol-style cascade of $100 bills, referencing Eirc B. I just put all the phones inside my jacket. But the No Limit covers stand out from other illustrations of the hood rich paradox: they belong in a lineage of bathetic, hyper-tragic New Orleans death imagery, a tradition which encompasses Voodoo, Jazz funerals and Interview with a Vampire. But if any one visual movement did justice to the absurd, untenable profitability of that dot-com windfall, it was the striking art of No Limit Records, the apex and nadir of commercial hip-hop thuggery. It would be another decade before an African-American could launch a high profile presidential bid, or the reigning hip-hop artist could crow about frat life, but in those baroque No Limit photo shoots, one can find foreshadows: clues that the old ground rules for race were eroding in that perverse, morbid process through which pestilent things decay. Previous generations of record hogs scoured the jazz bin, looking for that off-centered Blue Note pressing that promised direct access to the authentic hard bop happening uptown. While the Sun Shines: An Interview with Composer Joe Wong, CF Watkins Embraces a Cool, Sophisticated Twang on 'Babygirl', Helena Deland Suggests Imagination Is More Rewarding Than Reality on 'Something New', Floodlights' 'From a View' Is Classicist Antipodal Indie Guitar Pop, Peter Frampton Asks "Do You Feel Like I Do?" All rights reserved.PopMatters is wholly independent, women-owned and operated. Here are their albums, spanning 29 years, presented from worst to best. Keenly, hip-hop has recognized the artistic merit of logos and sloganeering since the days before graf squads and break dancing crews got nudged out of the temple. I put all the covers from all the other album covers in that, that's what he was smoking on the first cover. No Limit, I Got The Hook Up OST Upvote +6 Downvote. They portrayed a No Limit paycheck, as a ticket to immortality, as if Mr. Serv-On, Sons of Funk, and the label's other third-round draft picks didn't just leave New Orleans' uptown blight, they ascended from it and became platonic ideals. Poltergeist might've got that from us. No Limit lives. Yes, there are finally enough games for a new round of One Sentence Reviews. Master P's been dropping new music with his newly formed Money Mafia crew.