Reconstructing the Nissan Leaf’s Battery Bank. Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount. *2 + 2 modules extra gives 392 cells. DO NOT cause storage shock. Im connected to grid, so for the last 3 months i will also use electricity from grid.

Most do more, including preventing excessive current draw. This is not as optimal as a special battery-charging regulator used on sailboats, but is one-fifth the cost and works pretty well. Nonetheless, if you can use the battery between a SoC (State of Charge) of 80 and 20 % even better… And if you really want to take care of … Tesla Model S Battery Module 5.3kWh 24V 444 18650 cells. Nissan Leaf Battery G1 Module 24 Volt configuration Lithium Ion 1.5 kWh 500 watt per module Each Module has 4 cells ( 2 in Series and 2 in Parallel ) 8 volts 500 watts hour 66 amp hour Dimensions are : 12 L x 9 w x 2 thickness Weight is: 8 lb Voltage sensing terminal M4 nut. I normally use about 40-50khw pr day, and have 20kwp solar system, so normal use from batteries will be 25-35kwh a day. Join the #1 RV Forum Today - It's Totally Free! Make no mistake, the future will be powered by lithium. A classic example of this annoying approach is the 30kWh Nissan Leaf. But west coast of Norway is rainy, so a bigger buffer makes me self sufficient from mid feb to mid november. There was not enough space in the Lance 1130 for the number of required Nissan Leaf battery cells. Latest: Hysterical Vintage Camper Commercials.

The completed battery has 35-packs (140-cells). 20V BMW Li-ion Battery $ 419.99 Add to cart-59%. 13.077kwh (our energy needed)/.384kwh/battery = 34 battery packs 3. If you want to improve your electric car battery lifespan, you should know that it’s better to charge to 80 % and discharge till 0 % than to charge to 100 % and discharge to 20 %. I also discovered some unused space to the rear of the wheel wells. If you buy a 12-volt lithium ion Group 27 or Group 31 replacement battery, a BMS is located inside the battery and operates without your knowledge or involvement. Any other lithium battery construction will require a BMS in the battery design and construction. The door to access the driver’s rear side of the wheel well is now covered by an electrical panel attached the battery pack. (This post was last modified: 12-11-2019, 05:15 PM by. 66 amp hour It’s far too expensive, impractical, and potentially dangerous to be viable under anything resembling normal applications. The Nissan LEAF is one of the pioneering vehicles that started the current trends towards the many mainstream EVs we have today. I finally hit on the idea of making a spacer and attaching it to the bottom of my camper. If liquid leaking from the battery get into your eyes, do not rub your eyes. The study has some interesting conclusions and I recommend you to read it (only 14 pages), but … It provides 60-amps when the battery is nearly full and up to 150-amps when the battery is nearly empty. NISSAN OEM Battery-Hold Down Bracket Clamp Tie Bolt 244258990B (Fits: Nissan Leaf) 4.5 out of 5 stars (5) 5 product ratings - NISSAN OEM Battery-Hold Down Bracket Clamp Tie Bolt 244258990B I made a quick calculation to see how many of these batteries would be needed for my off-grid power requirements (detailed in part one). Im building a 48v Nissan Leaf based Powerwall. Keep away from fire immediately when leakage or foul odors are detected. Nominal voltage 7.5V. Though, the more you add in parallel, the more the balance portion has to work if there's any imbalance. The simplest solution is 48-volts. With unprecedented power requirements, Steve Hericks pushes the RV electrical envelope with a salvaged battery system from a Nissan Leaf electric car. This is a bit like shoehorning a modern Porsche 911 engine into a Volkswagen Beetle (Type 1). They certainly would not fit into the battery compartment. Doesn’t it run like 23V setup?
Usable Capacity: 70% Maximum charge Voltage 8.3V The nissan leaf modules come with 2 cells inside and from what i could research from videos online, 1st cell goes in the middle terminal second cell on the pos, an so. Personally, I am very excited to have this system completed, and to test it in the field. Neither was designed for the other, and the results are almost hard to comprehend. We’re known for our … “Future Shock: A Bold Vision For RV Power Systems”, Vintage Truck Camper Commercials Gone Wild, Four Wheel Camper Dare Report and Product Evaluation. 48 volt Battery G2 Lithium Ion 7 kWh 132 ah W/option With 2 BMS Lot of 14. DO NOT connect terminal directly to an electric outlet or cigarette charger. 8 volts The spacer is then is divided into compartments to provide weight bearing cross supports for the floor of the camper. The first and second functions should be self explanatory, but cell balancing is something new. 48V BMS for Nissan Leaf Battery G1 G2 w Connection board and 15 pin wire connection version 2 Tesla is New Auto, and came to cars with a Silicon Valley … It has 24 modules with 8 cells per module. A Nissan Leaf has a battery pack consisting of 192 cells. Quick view. Above: Pack layout is 10-2S2P packs in the front compartment, 10-2S2P packs and 5-4P packs in the second compartment and 10-2S2P packs in the rear compartment. so 47.6kwh max rated capacity. Dimensions are : 12 L x 9 w x 2... 48v 14s BMS assembly Kit for 7 Nissan Leaf Lithium ion Battery G1 G2 The solution I developed is quite technical and required difficult modifications to the batteries that should not be attempted by anyone without the education, skills and extensive professional experience that I have been fortunate to obtain over the past four decades. Inside are 48 battery packs, connecting buss bars, and some control equipment. This is not the most economical method, but it is quite painless and simple. This system also has a manual shutoff, alternator temperature cutout, and is controlled by the BMS. The camper has a 30-amp/120-volt shore power cord. F-series Ford trucks offer a second alternator as an option. So you could parallel 10 skids if you wanted, and the BMS would only see it as one. For part two of Steve’s remarkable RV power system project, he installs a Nissan Leaf EV battery system into a 2000 Lance 1130 truck camper. One key issue regarding using Leaf battery packs is that the packs cannot be disassembled into a usable cells below the pack’s level. So you need to make sure you size your bms to your packs. I was able to buy an entire drive and mounting set from a used parts dealer and installed it. At maximum charge rate, this charger can recover a fully discharged battery in; 13.44Wh (battery capacity) / 3.168kW (charger capacity) = 4.24-hours. Its battery pack, despite being exactly the same size and shape as the 24kWh one, is not backwards compatible with the earlier 24kWh Leaf. If liquid leaks onto your skin or clothes, wash well with fresh water immediately. In the Leaf’s car battery, each pack delivered up to 90-amps. Every BMS does at least three things; stops discharge at low voltage cutoff, stops charge at high voltage cutoff, and balances cell voltages. There’s only one way to find out. It contains the BMS (Battery Management System) and power management equipment. Good BMS choice for 48v Nissan Leaf powerwall, (This post was last modified: 03-21-2019, 12:28 PM by, (This post was last modified: 03-21-2019, 12:29 PM by. Answer; No, you can’t. (1570.5 x 1188 x 264.9 mm), Each cell voltage should be less than 4.15V per cell, Each cell voltage should be more that 2.5V per cell. Ahhh, ok. I was already planning to remove the generator, so that space was available. The Nissan Leaf is the most widely produced electric vehicle (EV) in the world. Above: On the passenger’s side is a blue CAT5 cable connecting the BMS to the inverter to communicate ‘okay to invert’ and ‘okay to charge’. This is lethal territory. Literally! A more complex BMS will actually use a higher cell to charge a lower cell. Yelp. Curious if anyone has this setup? The BMS I selected has many additional control parameters. It is also not a fully redundant system since it shares a common charger with the AC shore system. In each pack, measuring a little over 12-inches by 8-inches x 1-3/8-inches and weigh 8.5-pounds, are four cells wired; two in series and two in parallel making each pack 7.5-volts / 64-amp-hours. Stop using the battery if odor or deformation is detected during use or storage. DIY Battery Modules. 8 volts Seven packs in series gets you 42.0-58.4V which typically works well with 48-volt inverters.

6S20P + 1S20P = 7S20P. Pinterest. Above: Cable pass-throughs were made by cutting through the 1.5 square frame and reinforcing with a 1.5l piece of 1h x 2w tube, fully welded and ground on both sides. Twitter. In a recent study 283 Nissan Leafs manufactured between 2011 and 2017, had their SoH (State of Health) measured 1.382 times.
Nissan Leaf battery for offgrid storage 05-18-2018, 03:49 AM. All Rights Reserved. Got a question? The 2011 Nissan Leaf uses a 24 kWh battery and it has 48 modules with 4 cells per module. For anyone out there who is interested in the advantages of lithium batteries for truck campers and RVs, I encourage them to look into Group 27 and Group 31 lithium-iron phosphate batteries sold by Battle Born, Smart Battery and RELiON. 1. What BMS did you use for this? For example, a 7.5-volt battery pack operates between 6.0-volts and 8.4-volts. Copyright © 2007-2020. I have not needed to remove the battery system since I installed it. Winnetka, CA 91306 USA The measurements were made by using a OBD2 scanner with the Leaf Spy app.. In order for batteries to maintain their high capacity, the cells all need to be kept in the same voltage range artificially to maintain equivalent power contributions to the battery. Before proceeding, be sure to read about Steve’s concept and required calculations in part one, “Future Shock: A Bold Vision For RV Power Systems”. The remaining five packs have been opened and reconfigured to 1S4P, and then connected in parallel making 1S20P. My setup: - Midnite Classic 150 solar charger - 16s 100Ah Sinopoly battery - PIP4048 inverter (made by Voltronic Power from Taiwan and rebranded by MPP Solar). Assuming an average charging voltage of 28.8-volts (normal for a 24-volt system), I can expect to power a charger capable of 3.42kW/28.8-volts = 118.75-amps. The data is from 82 Nissan Leafs with 30 kWh batteries and 201 with the 24 kWh variants. That kind of weight has to be kept as low as possible. hot with a hammer, step on, throw or. This connects to the camper and allows me to charge at the same time that I am moving to a new location. The finished spacer attaches to the bottom of the camper with six toggle clamps.

I very purposefully chose a large inverter with an integral charger that could handle lithium profiles. Solar is just not powerful enough or reliable enough to meet my robust goals. The Nissan Leaf’s battery weighs 665-pounds and is a closed-steel container. A key driver in my choice to use Nissan Leaf batteries was that I could get them into a flat configuration to work in my project camper relatively easily. That raises an important question; Can you make a 12-volt compatible battery with a Nissan Leaf RV battery? I see Batrium offers a solution but Im looking for other options. I just don’t want that.