), Sodium vapor lamps like the one illuminating this room emit light that is monochromatic, that is, of a single color or wavelength—589 nanometers, to be precise. For maximum color payoff, go minimal with accessories to let the wall color and furniture speak for itself.

And it's not just white or gray monochromatic color schemes that we're loving on: it's the all-over reds, blues and unexpected pinks that brighten up a room and transform the space into something entirely new. They don’t have to be exuberant bright colors, but choosing something with a slightly different tone, which stands out against your monochrome pallet will make a huge difference. For a bedroom, consider introducing a textured headboard for your bed, or textured linens.

In your kitchen, include contrasting taps and cupboard handles to offset a monochromatic design.

For a kitchen, go for a vibrant countertop marble – not just a plain color. The result?

All it takes is a soft gray color palette and a little creativity.

(Embarcadero at Green Street) If you need to learn absolutely everything it takes to ace monochromatic room design, we suggest you bookmark this feature for future reference and to fully understand why monochromatic design ideas can be so effective in effortlessly making any room instantly feel put together. The secret to a room that looks truly clean is the right shade of white: not too blue-toned, but definitely not cream.

Yes, you are part of this world.

When this many-colored light bounces off of things, some colors get absorbed, while others get reflected.

Placing lighter tones on walls will also make your room feel larger and more spacious while keeping it cozy and comfortable with accessories.

With that said, let’s go over some unfortunate misconceptions about monochromatic room design.

Though monochromatic translates into meaning ‘one color’, with interior design, you’re afforded a little artistic license as ‘one color’ doesn’t mean such a strict approach. It’s all about mixing and matching textures: bronzed metals, deep woods, plush tans. That’s why we love “greige,” the perfect blend between the two shades.

When it comes to gray decor, the hardest debacle is between warm or cool tones. It’s used sparingly in kitchens. For something more relaxing, opt for colors which reside closely together for a smart approach to monochromatic design. Source elements and essentials in the same color range to easily layer your design.

Black can also provide a bold pop of color against a toned-down monochrome room and will help to add depth and personality to a monochromatic interior design. When done well, a monochromatic room should take full advantage of tonal takes on a hue with a variety of related tints and shades for a rich and brilliant effect, while adding textures for visual interest. Peach is perfect for feminine monochromatic bedroom ideas, whereas lilac works well for a larger communal space such as a monochromatic living room, kitchen, or monochromatic dining room. Not to mention, can you imagine how cozy this room would be on a cold winter night? It’s the light reflecting off objects that give them their apparent color. And since no home can be fully realized or decorated overnight, it may take several attempts to put a monochromatic room together.

To help in defining the style, we turned to Decor Aid designers to help you learn how to design a monochromatic room. Bathrooms are a place for relaxation and rest – a monochrome color scheme isn’t busy, it isn’t in your face, and it doesn’t give off impactful drama – it’s the perfect scheme for a relaxing space.

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In our (sort of humble) opinion, we believe that orange is the most under-appreciated decor color.

Think of a statement-making monochromatic room, though soothing and simplified, as the complete opposite of shy and subtle.

How boring would that be? But creating the perfect monochrome room can be difficult; it can be challenging to know where to start with an approach to color schemes, and what does ‘monochromatic’ mean and how far does it extend?

To achieve a beautifully realized monochromatic room, you can be explorative with any color imaginable.

Pink can, and should be, considered a neutral. She's written for Refinery29, Byrdie, Domino, and more. Use color to create focal points around a room and highlight focal points as well. Go for calmer and softer colors for larger spaces, such as walls and furniture, and use bolder colors for smaller accents such as accessories, art, and rugs. (Light pollution of a single color is easier to filter out.