For corners, ALA opens only one side of the two-piece valve, creating pressure on the tyre on the inside of the curve, but not the outside tyre. The cylinder heads of the non-turbo 6.5-litre engine have been redesigned and the exhaust system made more compact. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2020. Because the future we have in mind can only exist when uncompromising aesthetic perfection meets unparalleled performance and thrill-inducing aerodynamics. In a future driven by technology, it’s easy to lose track of emotions. This buys more than just a car. Lamborghini Avendador SVJ: Live Unveiling, Live photos copyright 2018 Drew Phillips / But in the future we are shaping, real emotions won’t be left behind. Vehicles most likely to hit 300,000 miles, Cars most likely to have major powertrain problems, Top 10 brands with the lowest average repair cost to fix a check engine light, Top 10 brands least likely to flash a check engine light. Used Lamborghini Aventador SVJ For Sale. The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is a violent machine.Source:Supplied. If you'd be so kind as to allow our site, we promise to keep bringing you great content. The gearbox slams into fourth gear and the driver feels a violent slap in the back. It is a journey, an adventure. The future is unknown. Explore the 2020 Lamborgini Aventador SVJ with Lamborghini Vancouver. The pipes are a hint that Lamborghini’s engineers have given the Aventador’s high-revving V12 a big upgrade. The letters stand for Super Veloce, Italian for super fast, plus Jota, Spanish for ‘J’, and a reference to the section of the international motor racing rule book defining race car categories. And fast …. Lamborghini has never shied away from challenges, which is precisely why it created the new Aventador SVJ. Cornering presses you hard into the deep-dished, racer car-style seat. The Aventador SVJ was created to conquer challenges. Back in July it lapped the legendary German circuit in a fraction under 6 minutes 45 seconds, more than two seconds faster than the then-reigning champ, Porsche’s 911 GT2 RS. Please follow the instructions below to enable JavaScript in your browser. Ultra-lightweight materials conceived for maximum performance give rise to breathtaking design: that’s what makes the new Aventador SVJ unique and unrivaled. With the valves open, this air rushes through the rear spoiler’s centre pillar, then is guided to slots cut in the wing’s underside. You may order presentation ready copies to distribute to your colleagues, customers, or clients, by visiting, GMC Hummer EV revealed as a 1,000-hp, 350-mile, fast-charging beast, SSC Tuatara driver's scare on the way to speed record: 'I had a really close call', Maybach-branded GLS becomes Mercedes-Benz's most expensive SUV, SSC Tuatara smashes top speed record, hits 331 mph, 2022 Genesis G70 comes into clearer view, adds a 'drift mode'. Wise choice. Since then, Lamborghini has regularly released versions with more power, improved handling and altered looks. In Lambo lingo “SVJ” means track-worthy. — Australia’s leading news site, Streaming service Quibi shuts down after six months. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. The Aventador SVJ has all of these. Ads can be annoying. You must be logged in to perform that action. It looks enraged, but it’s nowhere near as angry as latest car from the Italian brand. What is certain is that Australian buyers will pay about $1 million to put an Aventador SVJ in their garage. The two-seater with a carbon-fibre chassis and racer-style pushrod suspension first appeared back in 2011.