Sometimes In life there aren't always one real ''good'' choice. Father Godwin asked … I did this too, and you get chewed out for killing them too. The ointment made me pass out. But then came a rude awakening - some woodcutters burst into the clearing and wanted to kill the women. Quest won't advance at first, and when it does they just wake up and kill the women during the time skip. I was too impatient and interrupted the women, so they turned and went home. Go and see Gertrude, the herb-woman, and find out what she incited the Uzhitz women to do. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. They smeared themselves with the ointment and then started acting like they were out of their minds, talking nonsense and behaving as if they were seeing visions. Go to the herb woman and she bitches at me for killing people. I told the herb-woman what happened after the women used her ointment. First objective failed, what happens later couldn’t be good, and you ended killing the bandits. Head back to the village and speak with the women there. There is no option to save anyone. Beat the woodcutters unconscious? I should tell the Parish Priest. I'm working on "Playing with the Devil" mission and I don't want to kill those woodcutters, they can kill the women, what should I do? I watched what happened in the women's sabbath. The trail led from the herb-woman straight to the women she's sold the ointment to. 1. Playing with the Devil is one of the side quests in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. After you warn the … Three village wenches in Uzhitzwant to use a magic ointment, risking their lives and immortal souls. felt super lame to save all 3 woman, skip time, later to be scolded at for not interjecting, really lame, This is a really terrible quest line that tail roads you into letting the women die or killing the wood cutters even though I clearly beat them to a pulp bate handed. I think this will be troubling my conscience till my dying day. I do what the game says I should do, interject when it asks me to. Nope, its a railroad quest. The women were meeting at night in the woods. Privacy policy I was trying to find a solution without having sex. One run of trying to I woke up and they were BANDITS, not innocent woodcutters. I woke as if from a bad dream. Father Godwin asked me to investigate what was going on in Uzhitz. [SPOILER] Playing with the Devil quest help. Try to pickpocket the ointment? The Prince of Darkness and Ruler of the Underworld, arisen! The priest will never be happy when people die, so his reaction is normal. I tell the priest, he is mad at me for not stepping in. The priest spoke of Gertrude the herb-woman having brought a few Uzhitz women to witchcraft. I sit in the bushes and watch the devil spawn, despite not being smeared in the ointment again, butcher the women. If you don't interrupt their chant and wait for the bandits to arrive they are still in the tribal garb too. She's given some local women Witch Potion. Yeah, I found this too. Doesn't even exist as an item. I think this will be troubling my conscience for a long time yet. I should tell the Parish Priest. i was recording i have it four tries jesus got angry stoppped it for another time. I followed the women on the way to their witches' sabbath, only they saw me and turned back home. I jump in to protect them. | Cookie Settings I have to consort with women. I expect she won't be selling any more of that stuff in future! The women go somewhere into the woods at night. They kept going on about how God had forsaken them and called on the Prince of Darkness. The game seems to hate every solution I try to come up with.