The insidious rent-a-gob 'media personality' responded to the news of the free meals, that was greeted overwhelmingly positively elsewhere, by tweeting, "Dear Marcus Rashford, do … "He's … Van Aanholt was less than impressed with Hopkins' reaction to Rashford's work and responded with a tweet of his own. As news of Marcus’ victory broke, with people deservedly praising and congratulating him from all over the UK, Katie took to Twitter … Thank you, Katie Hopkins." We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Marcus Rashford welcomed Manchester City’s response to Katie Hopkins (Twitter) Along with her image, Hopkins posted the caption: ‘I look hot in blue. Katie Hopkins has sparked fury over her criticism of Marcus Rashford's campaign to extend free school meals for children over the summer holidays. The worst things Katie Hopkins has ever said And after that, she caused uproar among fans as she harshly slammed Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford's … What happened between Katie Hopkins and Marcus Rashford? The tweet is not from his official, verified Twitter account. Several Facebook posts have claimed to show a tweet from Marcus Rashford, the footballer who asked the government to reverse plans to end the school meal voucher scheme during the holidays, to commentator Katie Hopkins.