Her compliance is assured through the use of drugs supplied by the McKinleys. However, due to his title of "Judge", some fans have speculated that Gray is also reprising his role of the unnamed Criminologist. 1988: The Blue Iguana Cora [19], De Young modeled his performance of Brad after David Eisenhower, and based Farley on Jack Nicholson. While not an outright sequel, the film does feature several characters from the previous film, most portrayed by different actors, as well as several Rocky Horror actors in new roles. Harper married Thomas Edgar Rothman, a top executive at Sony Pictures (formerly of Columbia Pictures) on March 11, 1989. If you're looking for more, visit: Join the Discord Server right here. In 2015, the film was adapted as a stage production in London. In addition to acting, Harper is also an author of children's music and books. She is best known for her portrayal of Suzy Bannion, the protagonist of Dario Argento's giallo cult classic Suspiria (1977), and will appear in a supporting role in Luca Guadagnino's 2018 remake. 2002: Minority Report Anne Lively This book, with 135 easy recipes, is for those people, crabby cooks like me! Wendy Raebeck was ill and collapsed after one of her takes. [12] This version is closer to what ultimately became Shock Treatment and was planned to be produced, but the filmmakers were plagued with a variety of problems. [17] Auditions were held at The Roxy theater to find a suitable replacement, and Jessica Harper, previously of Brian De Palma's cult musical Phantom of the Paradise, dazzled the filmmakers with her singing skills. RockyMusic. 1993: Mr. This page was last modified on 27 February 2020, at 21:31. "A big point of inspiration for me came from the screenplay that became Shock Treatment, The Brad and Janet Show," commented Crowley, "wherein the major factor in Brad and Janet's marital difficulties was that Janet had just been promoted at the local TV studio and Brad had just lost his job. She appeared in the fourth season of It's Garry Shandling's Show and in the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise film Minority Report. [15], In spite of pre-release hype (including a promotional TV special called The Rocky Horror Treatment),[21] the film was both a critical and commercial failure when it was released only as a midnight movie on Halloween 1981. [22], In one of his television reviews, Roger Ebert said that he felt Rocky Horror fans would reject a movie that was specifically targeted at them, remarking that "cult film audiences want to feel that they have seen the genius of something that everybody else hates. [3], All editions are missing Richard O'Brien's solo version of the title song (which plays during the end credits and features backing vocals by Nell Campbell), though it was released as a 7" vinyl single,[4] and included on the CD Songs from the Vaults: A Collection of Rocky Horror Rarities,[5] which was exclusive to the Rocky Horror Picture Show 15th Anniversary boxed set.[6][7]. Harper resides in Los Angeles, California, and New York City. Her other films include S… Jessica Harper (born October 10, 1949) is an American actress, producer, and singer. [6] Gradually, however, Shock Treatment did build up a cult following all its own and, as Ebert wrote, many contemporary reviewers remark that it was initially condemned in part because it was too ahead of its time, being a prescient satire of reality television. "[23] Shock Treatment was quickly dismissed by most Rocky Horror enthusiasts who were confused by the re-casting of the leads, put off by the fact that Tim Curry did not participate, and resented Richard O'Brien's infamous tagline, "It's not a sequel... it's not a prequel... it's an equal"[14] (O'Brien later recanted, frequently criticizing the film by going so far as to refer to it as "an abortion"). Since its release, the film has grown a more minor cult following than its predecessor. Brad and Janet, seated in the audience, are chosen to participate in the game show Marriage Maze by the kooky, supposedly blind host Bert Schnick (Barry Humphries). [2] The album includes longer versions of "Thank God I'm a Man" and "Carte Blanche", as well as two unlisted bits taken directly from the film, the Farley Flavors "commercial break" (after "Denton U.S.A.") and the rhyming dialogue, which directly precedes "Duel Duet" (after "Breaking Out"). 1977: Hawaii Five-O Sunny Mandell (1 episode) 1977: Aspen Kit Kendrick (Mini-series) ... Jessica Harper: 43 images. ", 1973: The Garden Party Peggy (Short film) https://rockyhorror.fandom.com/wiki/Jessica_Harper?oldid=9762. If you're looking for more actors, visit: If you're looking for Rocky Horror actors, visit this page. [36] "They don't really explore that, so we've put that back in. Many of the original film's Transylvanians appeared as audience members, while Imogen Claire was given the slightly-larger part of the Wardrobe Mistress. It follows the characters of Brad and Janet, this time played by Cliff De Young and Jessica Harper, but it doesn't have much to do with Rocky Horror. Dr. Scott had been included in the script, but Jonathan Adams was not interested in reprising his role. This edit shortens the film's running time from 94 to 92 minutes.[34]. The pair rescue Brad from Dentonvale and have him confront his twin on his show Faith Factory. Join the discussion of the Rocky Horror Wiki right here. 1979: The Evictors Ruth Watkins 2015: Proof "Cat's" Mother (1 episode), http://www.rockyhorrorwiki.org/wiki2/index.php?title=Jessica_Harper&oldid=16783. 1985: When Dreams Come True Annie (Television film) [15] He began with a very restrained performance of the song but was encouraged to go broader, and was pleased with the final result. [31] Special features include an audio commentary with fan club presidents Mad Man Mike and Bill Brennan, a making-of featurette, a music retrospective featurette, and domestic and international trailers. 1978: Little Women Jo March (Television film) Woody Allen featured her in his films Stardust Memories and Love and Death. - robcrusade Resources and Information", "TRHPS Official Fan Site: Shock Treatment: Production Notes", "THE ROCKY HORROR TREATMENT - RARE 1981 DOCUMENTARY", "Shock Treatment reviewed by Siskel and Ebert (Sneak Previews, 1981)", "Shock Treatment, reviewed by Joe Blevins and Craig J. Clark - Unloosen", "LaserDisc Database - Shock Treatment [SF078-1273]", "LaserDisc Database - Shock Treatment [1184-70]", Shock Treatment (25th Anniversary Edition), amazon.com: The Rocky Horror Picture Show-Shock Treatment (3-Disc Anniversary Edition), "TRHPS Official Fan Site: Shock Treatment: DVD Review", RockyHorror.org: "What Different Versions of Shock Treatment Exist? It's a collection of humor, survival tips and recipes, for the kitchen-challenged!" [19] Duel Duet was shot over the course of a day, with De Young spending the morning shooting his scenes as one character and the remainder of the day costumed as the other. She has written eleven books for children, and made seven albums of songs for children. Continuing from The Rocky Horror Picture Show are the characters of Brad and Janet Majors (now portrayed by Cliff De Young and Jessica Harper), now married.