Increasing the clock speed beyond that causes instability of the system. When your monitor receives an input with a refresh rate that is higher than it supports, it simply goes out of range. (C) Unexpected Shutdowns. For these tasks, you’re better off running your CPU and GPU at the base clock rate because they don’t require a lot of memory and CPU/GPU power. Overclocking can increase the speed of video editing and you won’t find any lags. Overclocking is not worth it if you use your laptop for everyday tasks like browsing the internet, watching movies, writing articles, creating presentations, coding, etc. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Required fields are marked *. Overclocking can be a cost-effective solution and can make your PC run a little bit faster. In case of Display, an increase in the clock speed increases the refresh rate. They are: This is the main reason why people overclock their computers. In this article I’ll explain whether overclocking is safe and worth the risk. Overclocking can be done using certain utility softwares or using the BIOS. While this can be a temporary solution, it can also have significant drawbacks like input lag. Overclocking your GPU/CPU has two major advantages. An improperly overclocked system can shut down suddenly. If you have an extra monitor lying around, chances are you’ve stopped using it because of performance issues. All of these components cost a lot of money so you’ll have to shell out a lot of cash in order to achieve the same performance levels. Overclocking can be a cost-effective solution and can make your PC run a little bit faster. How much would overclocking a 60hz panel to 75hz shorten the lifespan of that monitor? Your system may even crash due to high temperatures. (D) Damage to internal components. If you’re a 3D graphic designer or VFX designer then you can overclock your laptop and run these resource-intensive 3D rendering softwares without any lags or glitches. “Pros & Cons of Overclocking Your Monitor”, 1. Overclocking is the cheapest way to increase the overall performance of your computer. Although overclocking looks extremely beneficial it comes with a hefty price. You’re a YouTuber or Video Editor who does 4K quality video editing. Unlike GPU or CPU overclocks, monitor overclocks are, in general, very stable. You will also notice an increase in FPS while playing these games. This process can be done on your CPU, graphics card, RAM, and even monitors. If high performance is a necessity for you without investing money on hardware and you’re okay with the associated risks then you should definitely overclock your computer. An unstable system can pose serious problems. Let’s face it, some people are game enthusiasts but don’t have enough money to buy an expensive gaming rig. Overclocking your monitor will require more voltage, hence making it heat up a lot quicker than usual. For all basic everyday tasks, this CPU runs normally at 3.3 GHz. If it does however accept that higher refresh rate, it may also show artifacts. Overclocking is perfectly safe if you follow all the correct procedures step by step. When you overclock, you can give life back to that old monitor of yours and use it for something else, such as an extended screen for your workspace. Some people may have successfully overclocked a monitor, whereas others may not have the same luck. Learn to overclock, ask experienced users your questions, boast your rock-stable, sky-high OC and help others! Clock Speed or Clock Frequency is the rate at which the CPU/GPU executes instructions per second. This means they will now require more power and voltage to operate. Overclocking may or may not be worth it and it totally depends on your situation. This article will talk about the pros and cons of overclocking your monitor. It can also damage the internal components of the computer and in severe cases, these components can catch fire. Overclocking when not done properly can make your system unstable. While monitor overlocking is mostly safe, strange things can happen when you overclock. While there haven’t been any reports of people rendering their monitors unusable due to overclocking, it is always good to err on the safe side. (E) Your system may not boot up. The increased heat can damage the components slowly and reduces the overall lifetime of both the internal components and the computer as a whole. You’re in the 3D graphic designing, 3D Modeling or VFX Designing space then it’s totally worth it. How To Enable or Disable Fn Key in Any Laptop? Apart from overclocking these utility softwares can also be used to monitor the CPU/GPU temperatures, monitor the voltage levels, underclocking and undervolting. Overclocking your CPU/GPU can increase the performance by many folds. With Overclocking you can save that money because it doesn’t cost any expensive hardware to overclock your computer. For example, if you have a GPU that can handle up to 100fps but your monitor can only go at 60fps, then you’re not getting the full benefit of your shiny new GPU. You will suddenly see your opened windows and programs closing without any reason. This’ll give the same experience of a high-end monitor without breaking the bank. This increase in operating voltage is known as Overvolting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If your monitor can handle an … Here are some pros and cons when you overclock your monitor. You should know that overclocking is pushing your hardware beyond its limit. Instability can come in the form of frequent application crashes or frame skipping. Overclocking increases the performance of your computer without investing in expensive hardware. I also have to mention that this is not really a form of overclocking (technically seen it is, but at the same time it's not). Overclocking increases the temperature of the CPU/GPU and to compensate for it the performance of the CPU/GPU reduces until the temperature goes back to normal. Forums are a great place to find guides on overclocking your specific CPU and GPU models. You can easily find tutorials on using these softwares on YouTube. level 2 kernelmustard2 Example – Intel Core i7-5820K processor has a Base Clock Speed of 3.3 GHz and a Turbo Clock Speed of 3.6 GHz. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the overclocking community. Every CPU/GPU has a range of clock speeds where the performance remains stable. At the end you may end up paying a lot more money to replace the hardware or a buy a new computer. An increase in the overall performance means you will get much better frame rates for the AAA Title games that were previously having low FPS. If you want to increase the performance of your computer without following the Overclocking route then you have to invest a lot of money in upgrading your CPU, GPU, and RAM. However, the increase in refresh rate for different types of monitors will be different from each other. Therefore it is important that you find a perfect balance between the clock speed and the temperature so that your system shows stable performance. Overclocking means that you can buy a less expensive monitor and overclock it to the refresh rate you prefer. If you’re in the game development space and use heavy softwares like Unity3D and UnReal Engine then overclocking can increase your overall performance and you can build games without worrying about any lags or glitches. Let me put up a few situations for you to understand whether it’s worth it or not. As you use more voltage to power your overclocked monitor, you are also consuming more energy, especially if you have cooling systems in place which also consumes electricity. As you increase the frequency and operations per minute of your hardware, you make it operate faster than what the manufacturer intended it to. Press J to jump to the feed. And it is glorious. Although Overclocking is a great way to increase the CPU/GPU performance, there are some risks and dangers that come with the process. Having an increased refresh rate will mean faster frames per second, which is beneficial for gamers and heavy users. If you’re a tech enthusiast then you can test your tech skills by overclocking your computer. Overclocking is perfectly safe if you follow all the correct procedures step by step. Corona Wifi Names | Wifi Names based on COVID-19, Lord Of The Rings Wifi Names | Funny and Clever Wifi Names from LOTR, How to Increase Dedicated Video Memory(VRAM) on Windows 10 Computer. Overclocking increases the rate of execution of instructions which means that your computer can handle more tasks than before. Unstable systems don’t last for long and you will find that the lifespan of your system has reduced. If you’re a heavy gamer and love playing AAA title games then you can increase the FPS by overclocking the CPU and GPU. Overclocking is increasing the clock speed of the CPU/GPU above the Turbo Clock Speed. You can also run 3D Modeling, Designing and Rendering softwares like Autodesk Maya, Auto 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, Nuke, Blackmagic Fusion, V-Ray without any lags or glitches. If your cooling system isn’t good enough then there is a risk of damage to the internal components. Editing 4K videos requires a lot of CPU power so overclocking can give you fast results. In some cases, your system may not start up because the voltage isn’t high enough for the CPU to operate. Test after every change. This leads to an increase in the production of heat and an increase in the overall temperature of the computer.