Be sure to get some more news when it comes to the next Blue Bloods episode. So what can you anticipate for Tom Selleck’s character this time around? But Frank Reagan’s New York, or Danny Reagan’s New York, or Erin Reagan’s New York is a fictional creation. Refresh your page, login and try again. And as long as we can do that, there’s only really seven plots. 6 Ways to Tell If Someone's Lying, According to Former CIA Officers, 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Statue of Liberty (She Was Almost Gold! Visit our. What do you think is going to happen with this story on the Blue Bloods season 10 finale? That’s not what’s happening here and you need to know that.” That’s Frank’s real dilemma in that show. All rights There’s a lot that is going to unfold here, and much of it will begin with a shocking case that Erin and Anthony get themselves mixed up in. Or the wear and the tear and the weight on his shoulders has caused him to bend? The Blue Bloods Season 9 finale should have been a controversy-free hour, since Eddie and Jamie finally got married. Frank has Gormley (Robert Clohessy) give him the rundown on Joe Hill (Will Hochman). Your use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Cookie Notification, and awareness of the California Privacy Rights. I live in Los Angeles, that’s where my family is; my wife, my daughter. It may have been the right thing. Frank’s feelings became even more pronounced after he met with the officer, all the while (barely) keeping their relation under wraps. The episode begins with Danny Reagan's (Donnie Wahlberg) son Sean (Andrew Terraciano) announcing the unexpected results of a school-project DNA test: He has an unknown first cousin. Every Country Music Artist Nominated for a 2020 CMT Award—Get Ready to Vote! For a guy like that, who was commissioner when his son was killed in action, on his bad days, there is a part of him that will always feel responsible for the orders that sent his son to his grave. By creating an account, you accept the terms and We’ve got to go back, because I’ve been away from it for a little while, so I could concentrate. But it took us about seven episodes, and the audience cheered when Reggie came to Jesse, and Jesse petted him. No. Yeah, exactly like Reggie was. Related News – Be sure to get some more news when it comes to the next Blue Bloods episode. (Nicky and Jack, maybe you can Skype with him some day?) We have a family of actors that actually like each other, as well as a family of characters. Reggie was afraid to commit, and he was Jesse’s roommate. Particularly for Frank, who has, obviously, got a hyperactive sense of responsibility. Every episode of Blue Bloods features some sort of moral/ethical dilemma for none other than Frank Reagan. Joe made the rounds of introductions, was privy to some familiar teasing, and then sat down with everyone for what promises to be quite the get-to-know-you supper. Be sure to get some other news when it comes to Blue Bloods right now! It always did, and it’s only heightened. And while Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Baez (Marisa Ramirez) prove that Erin's (Bridget Moynahan) key witness' death was caused by the person he was testifying again, Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) deal with a much more personal case. Look, we can do things, Frank can do things. We should note this, for starters — this episode was not intended to be the finale. It doesn’t matter to him. It validated my judgment. We have invested in our characters. It was "familiar, same way he talked about being on the job," Frank continues. Family in the broader sense of family, it’s not The Waltons. We'll have to wait and see. So, seeing the movie at least validated my sense of  … because part of your talent is how you pick material, and I tried to concentrate on that. You are posting comments too quickly. I think Frank desperately misses Nicky (Sami Gayle). Yes, we have procedural stuff, yes, we deal with issues – hopefully, not ripped from the headlines issues. It wasn’t me,” but he’s responsible. She is a woman doing what she can to look after her son — she doesn’t want anything to happen and because of that, she’s ready and willing to speak out. Yet, that doesn’t mean that it will be any less exciting. “Here’s what I think is so good about this show,” Selleck continues. Once you do just that, be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and then also view our show playlist. He’s created this indelible character. And if he has, if he’s just a CEO of cops, if he just delivers orders and he doesn’t understand the rank and file, then it’s time for him to leave. "Like all of you when you first came on. Given that the deceased just so happened to be Erin’s key witness, it sets up an enormous problem for her … and there are some others coming all across the board. I only saw the pages for the screen test. Exclusive: Tom Selleck Talks the Blue Bloods Season 7 Finale and the Next Jesse Stone Movie, There was a story recently, a rehashing of the Indiana Jones casting story. Once you do that, be sure to also subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and then view our series playlist.