Our geneticist will confirm matings and seek out the best "nicks" concentrating on proven sires and deep stakes caliber female families. Quarterly expenses for training a racehorse at the track are estimated at $8,610. Expenses include: Trainer Daily Rate               $ 75/Day                                            $ 6,750. It's fun, easy and affordable. Below are four horses that took us on that ride. Adjustments will be made after the end of the 2YO year based on the Operating Agreement for each horse. With West Point Thoroughbreds, you are in the care of complete professionals who guide you through the process of ownership and manage the day-to-day operations of and care for your horse. Read up on our weekly blogs and newsletters through The Dream Factory. In addition, we take care of all your hospitality needs at the racetrack and assist in travel accommodations so that you can see your horse race even if you are from out of town! Black Cloud Stable offers a unique investment opportunity, providing individuals or groups access to own a Thoroughbred racehorse for a single up front payment with no subsequent payments for the life of the partnership.. Our team is comprised of experienced horsemen who will always put the horse first. Z Thoroughbred Racing LLC retains 5% of all purse earnings for administrative expenses. Estimated expenses are billed to you quarterly with the prior quarter’s actual expenses reconciled. Through your journey, you will never feel out of place as our owners are treated as individuals as opposed to a single group. 3. What are the benefits of a partnership? Your expenses are proportional to your percentage investment and are actual costs with no mark-up. The trainer answered all the questions I had and really made me feel even more comfortable with my investment. Dream Maker Racing is supported by over 100 unique owners from all over the country. Farrier                                  $120/Month                                             $   360. These costs (expenses) are the typical expenses incurred for each horse owned. Home • About Us • Ownership • The Investment •  News • Partners • Site Map • Contact Us. The stable normally owns 25-50% of each horse in the offering and pre-structures the remaining ownership in the horse to other stables, partnerships and owners. Each week we publish content that touches on all aspects of the industry and of course Dream Maker Racing. Home   About Us   Ownership   The Investment   The Offering  Partners   Contact Us. Weeks before the auction we spend countless hours going through sales catalogs marking our initial interests based on pedigree. We follow them as they step into the auction ring. All sale proceeds will be distributed to the partners on a percentage basis; ZTR LLC receives 10% commission on the sale of a profitable racehorse. I was very impressed with their top class facility and the people that took care of the animals were incredible. So, for example, a winning racehorse will earn 60% of say, a $20,000 purse or $12,000. Partnerships make economic sense because you don't have to be a king to enjoy the sport of kings. Documentation will include a written contract with all terms and conditions outlined. ⏰: Race 4, 2:35PM Schedule K1 for your investment in the partnership will be prepared by our tax accountant and provided in February of each year for you. Mutual Horse Partnership From time to time Final Furlong may assemble what we call a mutual horse partnership. 100% of a horse quarterly. Why own a racehorse with Drawing Away Racing Stable? But after meeting with the executive team and visiting the training center, all that changed! So, for example, a winning racehorse will earn 60% of say, a $20,000 purse or $12,000. Partnerships, or syndicates, sell shares in a horse, much like a Fortune 500 company. Costs (expenses) are invoiced quarterly in advance. Mutual Horse Partnership From time to time Final Furlong may assemble what we call a mutual horse partnership. It’s Race Day! (B., Georgia), Home | Partnership FAQ | Photo Gallery | Stable News | Contact | Logout | Site Managers | Partner Login. The bidding begins, our hearts are pounding, the pressure mounts, will we get the horse of our dreams? Horse Racing Partnerships syndicate shares in a thoroughbred racehorse to lower the cost of ownership and reduce risk. At Victory Racing, we offer thoroughbred racehorse partnerships at an affordable price. The following represents the budgeted monthly costs based on the $65.77 per share payment per month: Training Day Rate                                                    $  3,100, Blacksmith                                                                $    180, Vet Expenses                                                            $  1,000, Misc. ALLOCATION OF BUDGETED EXPENSES. Features of the Black Cloud Stable horse racing partnership investment structure: The single payment covers horse purchase price, training fees, maintenance, travel costs, etc. The most difficult cost to budget for is the vet expenses, which can vary significantly from horse to horse.